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The Look of Antique Furniture in North Vancouver through Refinishing

Through years of expertise, Thao’s Refinishing Studio can make old furniture look new, but then give it an antique refinish for that patina of age. Come see us in North Vancouver!

Using solid paint or stained finishes, we use advanced techniques to make your furniture appear old-fashioned. One of the most popular antique finishes, in fact, is called Antique White. Rubbing out parts of the finish on the edges of your piece, Thao’s Refinishing Studio can give it an “old” or “distressed” look. You can choose the intensity of the distress or dents/”damage” to the piece.

Finally, we’ll apply a glaze to the furniture for extra richness that comes with this special finish technique.

Get Started! Give us a call, email us or stop by our 1st Street store. Contact us today!
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