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Give Your Kitchen a Facelift with Our Kitchen Refinishing

Contemplating a new look for your kitchen? Kitchen refinishing is usually a large, complex job, from deciding on a paint or stain colour to masking the room and removing cabinet knobs and drawer pulls.

Thao’s Refinishing Studio in North Vancouver pays close attention to your kitchen and what would look best there, offering an entire kitchen makeover. Whether you want to change the paint colour, use a stain colour or even apply multiple colours to your kitchen, here’s what we’ll do.

First, Thao’s Refinishing Studio will make an appointment to come uninstall and remove all doors and drawers from the kitchen cabinets. We’ll mask and tape the room to prepare for onsite spraying at this time.

Back at our shop, we’ll paint the doors and drawers, letting your kitchen dry overnight. When the drawers and doors are finished, we’ll bring them back and put them into place.

Get Started! Give us a call, email us or stop by our 1st Street store. Contact us today!
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