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Avoid the Landfill! Call North Vancouver’s Furniture Repair Experts

If you’re hoarding old, broken and marred furniture in your attic or basement, don’t throw it in the landfill! Bring it to Thao’s Refinishing Studio in North Vancouver and we will make it look new again.

Here at Thao’s Refinishing Studio, we can repair scratches, dents, broken pieces, chipped-off pieces; you name it. Do you have a white ring on a coffee table where the kids have set their drinks? A scarred dining table after pets have bitten or scratched the legs?

We can fix it. We’ll dismantle the piece and glue it back together for a strong structure, clamping it overnight for a solid hold. We can add years to the life of your heirloom piece!

Get Started! Give us a call, email us or stop by our 1st Street store. Contact us today!
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