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North Vancouver’s Premier Furniture Painting Service

Thao’s Refinishing Studio offers a high-end, professional furniture painting service in North and West Vancouver.

Most people think about walls when it comes to interior painting, but our service is a bit more complicated. Starting with a piece of wooden furniture, we clean it with Xylene to remove grease or oils from years of sitting in a home. Next we sand it down to further clean and remove scratches or dents in the wood.

Primer is applied to ensure that the first coat of paint sticks evenly to the piece. After letting the primer dry, Thao’s Refinishing Studio uses a filler to smooth large cracks or dents to make the piece look new again. Then we sand with a finer grit to smooth out inconsistencies.

The final and most difficult step is applying the oil-based lacquer paint. Over-spraying or under-spraying can cause inconsistencies and other problems that are difficult to fix. Typically, 2-3 coats of the paint are applied for extra richness.

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