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Restore that Wood Grain with Thao’s Refinishing Studio’s Stain Service

Thao’s Refinishing Studio understands that some customers in North and West Vancouver dislike the look of solid paint on their furniture, so we offer another finish called stain finishes. A stain finish simply means that we apply a coloured stain to the wood, leaving the grain visible.

The steps to apply a stain finish are similar to a paint finish, but a stain finish has a tough extra step. As usual, we clean the unit to remove grease and oils. Then we strip the old stain and lacquer from the piece. This step is the most time-consuming because we want to completely strip the piece, bringing out the wood’s natural grain and colour. We use a gel paint/stain remover.

After this step, Thao’s Refinishing Studio uses lacquer thinner to further remove and clean the piece down to the raw wood. Then we apply hard sanding to smooth the wood out, turning it into a raw piece of wood again. We apply a wood conditioner for even staining -- now we can stain the wood with the colour chosen.

After the stain is applied, we apply a sealer coat to keep the stain intact. We sand the furniture within each coat applied. After the sealer coat; we apply a clear lacquer coat to strengthen the piece, which usually requires 3 or 4 coats of lacquer.

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